I feel that I have established a strong feeling for design over the years. My main projects have mostly been my own flats and houses which I have then sold on for profits.

My trademark is designing sophisticated and luxurious interiors but with a warm and quirky twist. I feel it’s important to bring in an element of fun to any design.

I love luxury and decadence using high quality materials and textures. The trick is to put the money where it counts on quality wallpapers,paint and  fittings.

If I could chose an era to be re-born into I probably would fit into the late 60’s. I love the romantic notion of the freedom, bold patterns and warm colours that enveloped this decade. I imagine interior spaces where folk were just hanging out bathing in warm lighting, drapes and cushions letting time just pass by. I love opium dens with a modern twist.

Saying that, I get very excited and turned on by white. I love to be creative and source unusual one off gems that I then can bring together as a whole. I hate very stark and to minimalist spaces where the soul has been taken out.

So challenge me and I can guarantee you an unusual, warm,  functional space.

If you would like help with styling, interior design, sourcing materials, photo-shoots or just some advice then get in touch.

cori (at)






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