I love storage

I am slightly obsessed with storage! It comes from having a largish family, and with that comes a lot of clutter and stuff.. The only solution to cope with this, is to try create and implement a place for everything! 


The possibilities are endless

I fantasise about creating the perfect ‘clothing unit’ for all my clothes, jewellery, shoes and hats; what a cool way to display and organise your clothes. You could in effect create a walk-in wardrobe in a corner of your bed room, cupboard or a small spare room. I think it looks industrially chic.


Looking for the perfect spot

Where ever I find an opportunity to install some storage space I do. I recently installed a window seat in our kitchen under a large window. I bought an ‘old school science lab teak work top’ to match the kitchen work tops I already have. I bought an ‘old crate box’ from my local reclamation yard. I then I found some nice designs other people had done on the internet and drew up some of my own designs. I then got a carpenter who was keen to gain some experience and willing to give it ago. I find now a days it’s quite easy to find tradesmen by put an ad out on gumtree or rated people specifying excatly what it is that you need doing.


The result was a got my self a unique bespoke window seat in the finest quality materials that didn’t break the bank. It looks great and I sit on it every day and have my coffee in the mornings,  whilst my wine and flour is safely tucked away stylishly underneath.

Colour coding your children

Ok, I have been building myself up to my huge confession.. My boys are all colour coded! Louis is red, Milo green and Jonah blue. I have bought bag’s in their individual colour schemes, so as when we go away or swimming I know where their belongings are quickly.

In fact I think this can make a great feature at home. I have bought lots of beautiful coloured felt baskets in each of their unique colours where I can easily store their outdoor clothes, football kits and toys. This can also make it an easier way for the boy’s to be able to clear away their own toy or clothes.




Felt bags are just so stylish

I think its a great way to store away clutter easily!


you can buy some lovely felt baskets form John Lewis

3 thoughts on “Storage ideas

  1. tessadvice says:

    I love the idea of color coding my children!!! This is absolutely genius! Where are the felt buckets from?

  2. Sandra Huettenbuegel says:

    love the pipe shelf! Thanks for posting – think I have seen something similar before, but forgot about it again. Certainly will make a note this time!

  3. Gunilla O'Connor says:

    Great ideas! Let’s face it we all need somewhere stylish to store our junk… and colour-coding your kids’ stuff is ingenious.

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