Everything I do, I do to the extreme. I want the best for as little money as I can do it for. I sit down and research and then try and source the best I can secondhand. This is not always the most successful way!

I bought a very nice fridge freezer from ‘pre loved’ a stainless steel Gaggenau. I thought this would make my vintage kitchen rice to a higher level.

Three years of leaking… a slow trickle that could almost be ignored.. To be fair it would stop for month and then…we would find a little river of water..

close up

close up

So the end result when I finally took my head out of the sand was.. a few new boards ( a £100) Re paining my down stairs neighbours entire bedroom ( £350) buying a new fridge freezer (…at £1000) and finally re sanding and this time varnishing the floor ( £1000)

So if I had just bought a brand new fridge freezer I might be on holiday right now…

my holiday

my holiday

But as always I try to do things a little better then before and I am very proud of my new floors!

new floors

new floors

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